Introducing ASA.BOT

I created this little guy for my baby nephew Asa (he turned one last month)... His first action figure!

It all started with this book I bought from a Japanese book store while we were in London celebrating Canada Day at Trafalgar Square... I made a few things from the book... some bunnies a little monkey for Peter a couple of kitty cats... I was toying with idea of making him a teddy bear from the book, but changed my mind and designed this felt robot named ASA.BOT!
ASA.BOT stands at 11 inches and he is on his way to Toronto...

more pics of ASA.BOT here


McG said...

I freakin' love it! I want a NAT.BOT!!!

Sew Sweet said...

this is by far the best felt robot ive ever seen! he is so cute, i want one!!!
Check out my blog on friday as you will be our Sew Sweet special feature
Thank you again Suzette
emma x

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

Visiting after reading the Sew Sweets blog.
That Robot is just amazing! I love making softies from felt too :)